Metrics for Supply Chain Perfect Order Correlation Factor Analysis


This set of metrics template starts from two important factors of a perfect order in the supply chain, analyzes the influence of the delivery and payment status on the perfect order rate, and quickly finds out the shortcomings.

Metrics Details

  • Total Orders: count the number of trading orders after deduplication
  • Perfect Orders: count the number of orders delivered on time and have been paid
  • Perfect Orders Rate: Perfect Orders/Total Orders
  • Paid Orders: count number of orders that have been paid or settled
  • Paid Orders Rate: Paid Orders/Total Orders
  • On-Time Delivery Orders: count the number of orders delivered on time or early
  • On-Time Delivery Rate: On-Time Delivery Orders/Total Orders

The dataset used in this metrics template is from Kaggle, with Shashwat Tiwari as author. Parts of the data are adjusted on the basis of the original dataset.

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