Metrics for Public Cloud Cost Management


In the era of cloud computing, most enterprises build IT infrastructure on public clouds, such as AliCloud, AWS, Azure, etc. After going to the cloud, how to digitally manage public cloud resources and costs is an important management topic. This template contains a series of process and result metrics for cloud cost, which helps IT teams to quickly build cloud cost digital management and improve cloud cost control efficiency.

Metrics Details

  • Total_Cloud_Cost: Count the total cost of cloud resources used by each cloud platform
  • Azure_Cloud_Cost: Count the cost of Azure cloud platform resource usage
  • Azure_Cloud_Cost%: Azure_Cloud_Cost/Total_Cloud_Cost
  • AWS_Cloud_Cost: Count the cost of AWS cloud platform resource usage
  • AWS_Cloud_Cost%: AWS_Cloud_Cost/Total_Cloud_Cost
  • Cloud_Cost_MoM%: Statistics on the month-on-month value of cloud costs
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