Metrics of Shopping Mall Paid Search Campaign


This metrics template shows stats for a real shopping mall's paid search results for 6 months.

Metrics Details

  • Impressions: Number of digital views or engagements
  • Clicks: Number of clicks on the ad received
  • CTR: Click Through Rate (Clicks / Impressions)
  • Conversions: Number of actions users take after clicking the ad
  • Conversion Rate: Conversions / Clicks
  • Cost: Money spent by the advertiser (shop) for the ad
  • CPC: Cost Per Click (Cost / Clicks)
  • Revenue: Total amount of income generated by ads
  • P&L: Profit and Loss (Revenue - Cost)

The dataset used in this metrics template is from Kaggle, with Marcello D as author. Parts of the data are adjusted on the basis of the original dataset.

Kyligence Zen