The One-Stop-Shop Metrics Platform
Metrics is the Common Language of Business.
Enabling Metrics-Driven Analytics and Management
A common pain point for businesses is the difficulty in aligning management goals with key metrics. The reason is that there are too many data platforms generating and collecting tons of metrics, creating chaos and technical debt. Kyligence Zen solves this problem by delivering core features that address the data management, trust, usability, and cost challenges facing today’s enterprise.
Metrics Automation
Statistics and Root Cause Analysis
Today’s fast-changing business environment requires an agile data platform. With Kyligence's patented AI-Augmented engine, Kyligence Zen can automatically extract data marts and related dimensional information from SQL history and usage logs, data warehouses, data lakes, data clouds, and other sources to quickly generate and continuously maintain metrics catalogs. Metrics Automation analyzes user query histories and provides optimized metrics recommendations for business users.
Metrics Catalog
Consistency and Trust
A unified metrics system is the core of efficient enterprise management and communication. Through the Metrics Catalog, organizations can easily define and manage metrics, ensure consistent metrics definition, and further enhance data credibility. Kyligence Zen provides metrics import capability enabling enterprises to easily import and generate metrics definitions from existing BI systems, data warehouse systems, etc.
Collaborative and Aligned
Any metric is a numerical expression of a management or business target. Kyligence Zen provides objective management and metrics alignment capabilities that enable organizations to decompose management goals into relevant targets from management’s perspective. This supports the establishment of reasonable, quantifiable goals and allows continuous metrics tracking, further driving an organization's digital transformation.
Metrics API
Open Ecosystem
Open APIs are an important foundation for assembled and collaborative analysis. Kyligence Zen provides an open API to easily connect with various management, collaboration, BI, and visualization tools, thus empowering enterprises to automate management and analysis workflows. Our open API also enables third-parties to easily integrate with Kyligence Zen and build new applications and tools, unleashing the full potential of a unified metrics platform.
The One-Stop-Shop Metrics Platform